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Valor Group

Valor Consulting & Education has been operating in Serbia. It is the company which covers several markets - education, advisory, investment and financial management.

Control Creative started its involvement by taking overall insight into these markets in Serbia, functioning and development of markets, trying to understand the future market needs. All gathered insights we have made to create a new brand strategy and positioning, which led us to define a new design and visual identity.

„In its work, Control Creative brings extraordinary energy and knowledge that helps companies to better comprehend their market position and its business operations.“

Snežana Nešić

Learning and Development Manager Valor Academy


Our first task was to establish how the brand Valor was represented and used by that time, including different solutions and different types of communication in the market. All the time we had in mind what company wants to achieve in the future through coordinated and precise communication.

We have made two major strategic shifts: 1) to expand the influence of the brand outside of previous business functionality, and 2) to determine true values and essence of the brand that provides the emotional connection between the brand and the user.

With this newly-defined guideline for the brand strategy we had no doubt that Valor needs a change for the entire identity. The decision for identity change was reinforced by the decision of management that is necessary to clearly express diversity of different business functions that are operating within the Group.


With defined brand strategy Control Creative has begun an extensive and detailed plan of potential new identity. The criteria for the new design were very clear: it is necessary to unite all business sectors operating within Valor Group, show the ease and precision in the approaches to business challenges, as well as the adaptability of today's extremely dynamic business environment.

Identity is built on the idea of simplicity and speed. It summarizes different business sectors of the company and its focus on the customer. We have created, accurate, unique and modern brand identity, a symbol that carries the stylized 4 arrows in 4 Latin letters V, which show the four corners of the world. All four of the V is directed towards the center, symbolizing research, analysis, communication and customer focus.

The symbol will be used with the logo, but will live independently as an avatar of the brand Valor. Precise and dynamic color palette is defined to contribute future energy of identity. In the architecture of the brand, the symbol will fulfill its role as an avatar, rotating and changing the primary (upper) color depending on which business sector it contributes.