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Igor Adamović

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Real Estate Magazin

Magazine Real ESTATE is one of the most respected lifestyle magazine that primarily inform audience about the real estate, luxury brands and professions. It provides a unique platform for advertisers to connect with highly targeted audience in Serbia and abroad. It provides a unique platform advertising and linking companies with highly targeted groups in Serbia and abroad. With its printed and digital edition, the magazine provides strong connections between market and consumers.

A bilingual (Serbian / English) edition of the magazine offers an ultimate source of information for investors who intend to invest in real estate market in Serbia, the Balkan region and worldwide. In addition to rich portfolio of real estate, each edition will follow the latest trends from the world of real estate, design, show examples of successful investments, attractive tourist destinations through stories and interviews with leading figures from the business world and show business.

„Control Creative has proved invaluable in the support and inspiration provided to our business. Not only does our magazine and marketing material look great, but we have seen results and consistently receive great feedback. They exceeded our expectation, met every deadline, and the quality of the work was exceptional. We are very pleased, and would highly encourage businesses to engage with them.“

M.Sc Jelena Kovačević

EDITOR - IN - CHIEF Real Estate Magazin