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Igor Adamović

Web Design, Graphic Design, UI

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case study


After two and a half years Cenzolovka team has decided to redesign the only website that deals exclusively with the issues important for the freedom of media. One of the reasons for such decision is the increasing need for putting these issues to a larger audience.

Our prior goal was to create and design simple and modest web site, paying attention particularly to the functionality of the web site.

New columns, easier navigation and search, as well as faster page(s) loading are some of new features which are visible at the new web site Cenzolovka.
In addition, news and media analysis are available via mobile apps

„What is often a painstaking process of coming up with a functional yet original solution, Control Creative makes look easy. They are very open to exploring out-of-the box approaches to design, while staying strict about the fundamental feature of any good design – delivering in time and in high quality.“

Ilir Gaši