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Igor Adamović

Branding, illustrations, design

case study

Korus 1.0

Korus company from Belgrade is one of the major names in the industry of press and all supported materials necessary for digital printing, tools and accessories. Korus company represents following brands: Avery Dennison, 3M, Flex CGAT, Ongropack 3D System, Flex, Olfa and other reputable manufacturers.

Control Creative is primarily engaged in order to help the company Korus in order to establish its competitive advantage as the ability to offer its products and services on more attractive and more visible way than competition is doing.

"Control Creative successfully contributes creating a positive image of our company. Our customers, professionals in the field of visual communications, enthusiastically welcome all our new campaign. Result of our cooperation with Control Creative team every time is a distinctive, unique and distinct design."

Maja Vulin

CEO, Korus


As a part of the research and diagnosis of positioning of the company, we have identified the main challenge of the project - it is necessary to create an identity that will support and represent the ambition of the company - to provide quality services and to expand its sales network throughout the country.


In our approaching for a new graphics solution, we have used the principle of simplicity "Less is more". We have created a graphic pattern that supports the logo and, on the other hand, can live independently. In this way we get a dynamic identity, both in colors, as well as mobility and various applications.

Experience has proved a big hit when it comes to the visual recognition of the company Korus.