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Igor Adamović

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Mascom is group of companies whose prior activities include wide range of marketing activities and intelectual property administration. Mascom is well known and established at the market for   production and marketing of musical phonograms, through specialized book shops and publishing.

Mascom consists of several divisions and brands: Mascom Records, Mascom Store, Mascom Digital Services, Mascom Publishing and Tin Drum Music.

Our task for Mascom purposes were to create functional web platform (on-line store), as well as visual design for digital networking communication.

Within multichannel retail environment, online stores are no longer simply a brand’s digital checkout. They must be also a shopping destinations which can secure unique online experiences. Control Creative made our ecommerce website as a form of media with strong and clean design, easy to use and highly optimized for our customers.“

Irena Nesovic

Executive Director, Mascom EC