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WEBIZ Conference 2017

Organized by CMA agency, fifth WEBIZ Conference was held in May this year. The Conference was intended for youth, students and all others who are using digital communication technologies in their daily work. Through the programs of trainings and lectures that motivate, inform and share practical and applicable knowledge WEBIZ Conference promotes entrepreneurship and internet culture.

With the great pleasure, Control Creative has accepted to create visual identity and communication strategy for WEBIZ 2017.

Cooperation with Control Creative team and especially Igor Adamović, Control Creative’s Creative Director brought us significant benefits. First of all, recognizable and yet out different identity of WEBIZ Conference. Second, the security, since from the very beginning of our mutual cooperation, we knew we put our project into the hands of cruel professional. Third, we have learned to think about our project in a very different way and because of that we gain much broader picture of ourselves as a team. We are very grateful for many suggestions CC team made, great ideas and time Igor has dedicated working with us.“

Vladimir KOVAČ

Conference Director


After deep analysis and understanding of WEBIZ brand communicational campaigns, Control Creative has come up with clear creative strategy. We have found that the greatest strength of WEBIZ is a dedicated team of professionals, standing behind the project until now. Our challenge was to create visual identity that can support values standing behind WEBIZ and its professionals. Market insight directed us towards jubilee, celebrations, confetti, surprise and gathering, all came out directly from this year’s slogan: “WHERE IDEAS COME FROM”. Starting point for new creative solutions was the desire to increase Conference brand awareness and coordinate digital & print communication. The brand itself needed refreshment, but it was required to keep colors and logo. After mutual adjustments it was decided to take the dynamic branding approach.

What is dynamic branding?

Dynamic branding is an identity which could be changed, always to be fresh and modern, and it is not necessary completely to change identity. By this approach we get the opportunity to make our brand to be visible even when you do not see the logo. Dynamic branding can stimulate and increase interest for the brand.


The development of visual identity we have started with clear criteria of dynamic branding with preferred components: colors, patterns and repetition of elements derived directly from WEBIZ logo.

The identity as a perception and regular observation mark static condition. As a matter of fact, identity is seen as set of characteristics which make the essence of a person(ality). Here, we faced an issue, since we have come up to the conclusion existing perception prevents change – the identity stays “trapped” by its own characteristics. As individuals when changing and moving forward, first we must examine ourselves and in continuation try to improve personality, eliminate some of bad habits, add some of good ones…

Dynamic identity, therefore, means that we are being characterized by constant change. It is noted that by dynamic identity we are acting just like a nature itself, whose basic mechanism is constant change and renewal. In addition, if we take dynamic environment in today’s digital world, it is clear brands today have absolute need for dynamic branding approach.